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Monday, July 04, 2005

Sunday July 3

I did not drag myself out of bed in time for the early morning walk today - probably a good thing as my legs are still achy from all the walking yesterday!!! I want to talk bathrooms for a sec... I love the shower water pressure here, really gets the shampoo out... but the placement of the toilets has a lot to be desired - does anyone agree with me???

The first session this morning was a general session... it began with the Founders, Board Members, Pizzaz team and others passing a "baby" arm to arm in a "performance arts piece", while "The Circle of Life" was playing (from Disney's "The Lion King")... quite lovely to see. Our speaker this morning was Ros Escott who reminded us "Head to Toe: Breastfeeding Does Make a Difference" (or rather, NOT breastfeeding does make a difference) - a very informative presentation.

Unfortuneatly I ended up missing the presentation I was next scheduled for, but I did manage to view the poster sessions, visit the exhibit hall (where I purchased items for family, friends and myself) and the bookstore - lots of great conference souvenirs and deals for our group library. I also became a LLLI Alumni member.

At lunch I met up with other Canadian Leaders... the meal was lovely, especially the sherbert for dessert!! Our luncheon speaker was E. Stephen Buescher who did a very scientific talk "Human Milk: It's More Than Just Food". I will admit I did duck out and paid a visit to the local grocery and a few other shops in the area... but I did pre-purchase the MP3/CD featuring the conference speakers - so I will catch what I missed soon.

The afternoon session I attended was "Raising Resilient Children: A look at parenting skills that can help children adapt to strees or change" presented by Teresa Pitman, Executive Director of LLLC. I am very glad to personally know Teresa, she shares her wisom and expereinces in such a wonderful manner... my own children have proven to me how resilient children can be - they amaze me everyday!!

The late afternoon was spent gathering up the Canadian items for the World Faire... the table looked lovely with all the great freebies, notecards, flags etc. Thank you to all the Canadian Leaders who helped by bringing items for the table and helping to "woman" the table. It was a lovely evening and I met a lot of people between going table to table and seeing all who visited our table. I think a big success!!

I also collected the squares for the quilt square shop at the table, and after the World Faire a number of great crafty woman came back to our room to help me sort out all the lovely purple fabrics. Thank you to you all (I do not have my list in front, of me, and I do not want to leave anyone out - but you know who you are and your patience and help is very greatly appreciated!!!)


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