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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Saturday, July 2

The Hilton is a lovely hotel - very clean and the air conditioning works (thank goodness - with the humidity here I can barely take it)... we woke fairly early and set out to find the local grocery store, which we did not find but later found out we missed it by just one block - so hopefully will get there at another time.

We decided since we were nearly down to Dupont Circle that we would just carry on, so we had a nice breakfast at a local bistro and then proceeded to the Metro (subway) to do a little sightseeing and a visit to the Holocaust Museum (one of the Smithsonian Museums). I could not believe how far down you go to reach the trains - I felt like a miner going on a dig - there are just escalators to go up and down, it is that steep and such a long way down. We decided to go to Union Station as I wanted to see it... it is larger but very similar to the Union Station in Toronto. There are lots of beautiful, ornate buildings everywhere - I took lots of pictures. My tiredness must have caught up with me as I ended up zigging instead of zagging and we wound up in the wrong place (that is my story and I am sticking to it!). We got back on track and made it to the Capitol Building... very impressive in real life. I then zigged when I should of zagged once again and we ended up at the Shakespeare Museum. A kind lady from this fair city set us back on rack and we landed back at the Capitol Building, then walked by the Botanical Garden and to the start of The Mall.

We decided we still had a long walk ahead of us and since our legs and feet were starting to ache I hailed us a cab (and nearly fell off the curb which I did not see) so we took a ride to the Holocaust Museum. It was about noon, and thank goodness we did this as within the hour the timed passes for the permanent exhibit were gone for the day. We went through the exhibit geared towards children, which we found to be very well done. We had a nice lunch at the cafe and then at 1:15 our tour began. It is unbelievable the amount of artifacts, video footage and photos that are there. It would take you a full day to hear and see everything here. It was very impressive and very thought provoking.

We left about 4:00 and made our way back to the Metro station, on the way finding a great deal on t-shirts for our family back home. We made it back to the hotel right at 5, in time for my Alum Volunteer meeting. I got my instructions (I am selling Donation Drawing tickets) and then had a quick shower and grabbed supper in the hotel restuarant. Then it was time for the meet and greet prior to the Opening Ceremonies.

The Parade of Nations was surprising - seemed like the opening to the Olympics!!! It was wonderful to look around the large ball room and see the wonderful LLLadies, supportive partners and LLL children. Another highlight was seeing the Board Members, Founders and the group that worked so hard on this conference in real life.

And just when you think that can't be topped, Barbara Coloroso shared her wit and wisdom with a great talk "Just Because It's Not Wrong Doesn't Make It Right: From toddlers to teens - teaching kids to think and act ethically". She inspires me so - think I'll buy her new book and get her to sign it for me!!! What a great night and wonderful opening for the next three days!!


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