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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Monday - Happy July 4th!!!!

Well, yet again I over-slept! Funny how the whole week leading up to the conference I barely slept, and now I am exhausted at the end of the day and sleeping more then I should!! My first session this morning was "Today's Youth: Facing new challenges in the modern world" presented by Joyce Bermes, Mimi de Maza, Harriet Smiley and Marsha Pettinger (who I met last night - she help sort quilt squares and is a lovely human being). They shared some very personal crisis that they endured in their families... I was touched, weepy eyed at several points even. It was good to hear that others have stories similar to what I have gone through in my life. Then it was onto "Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids: Practical ways to create a calm and happy home" presented by Naomi Drew. She has a book that goes along with her presentation, and believe it or not, as I sit here typing this she is recording a podcast with Elizabeth one table over that will be on the LLLI website. She went over a number of great ideas - a few we are already implementing in our home. Please check out her podcast to hear all about it!!! Luncheon was lovely once again, and Donna Cookson Martin did a great job as mistress of ceremonies. I met with several others from the CN Autism group, and the Leaders with kids with Special Needs list. Our speaker was Rita Emmett who spoke on "Mastering the Art of Doing It Now"... she was quite delightful to watch and listen to, and has a great way of "taking the STING out of feeling overwhelmed": Select one task you've been putting off; Time yourself - give the task one full hour; Ignore everything else you have to do; No breaks allowed; and Give yourself a reward when the task is done. I have skipped my afternoon session as I am sitting here blogging and I lost all track of time!!! So, guess I am off to pay a second visit to the exhibit hall... I will be back later!!!
OK, I am back!!! We decided to purchase some absolutely beautiful breastfeeding calendars as a fundraiser for our Group... they are simply gorgeous!! Also, I purchased a beautiful print of a mom and her baby - it is my splurge and I love it!!!

At 5:15 everyone gathered for the "Founder's Tea"... it was very touching - each LLLady chose her favorite lullaby / song from her family - she introduced it and then sung it along with another singer - it was quite lovely to see and hear, and no, they were not all "real" lullabyes... "I want to Hold Your Hand" and "Eldeweiss" were two - lots of fun! We each received a lovely remembrance gift, and the tables were adorned with beautiful teapots that one lucky gaLLL at each table got to bring home. What a lovely touch this was.

Now - in my own little world a slight emergency happened - I had gone up to our room to drop off my purchases from earlier and I noticed that Deborah had left her room key on the desk, so thinking I would be running into her soon at the Tea, I took it with me. Of course, in the meantime Deborah realized she had left her room key, so she went through the task of having the room opened by hotel staff - but of course the key was not there! And then due to the "trauma" she forgot the Tea was at 5:15, so unfourtuneatly she missed the light meal... but, she was not alone as she bumped into another wonderful lady, Elaine, who missed out as well... so, they came down to the ballroom, I saw them and the three of us decided to skip out on the rest of the Tea and go out for dinner... it would be a long night without them eating, and, well, me - I am a big eater, lol! We went to a lovely little Chinese restaurant near the hotel. We returned in time for the "Gallery of Gatherings" and there I was able to distribute most of the bags of quilt squares (I still have 3 bags beside me as I type this). By 9:15 I was getting hot, the room was loud and we wanted to "get out", so the three of us decided to go for a swim in the hotel pool... well, we were there in time to see the fireworks down on the Mall... how cool is that, huh?, in the pool watching a beautiful (and long) presentation of fireworks over the Nation's Capitol!!!!


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