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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Friday July 1 (Happy Canada Day!!)

I attended the "Now This" dinner/show and monument bus tour on Friday evening... buffet style dinner - the rolls were the best ever; and the show was comedy improv... very well done and geared towards us LLL people... they even managed to poke a little fun at the recent Barbara Walters public nursing comment - what fun!!! I met the only Leader in Iceland, Adda; the Hickeys (lovely couple who, if you can believe it, were at the very first LLLI coonference) it was wonderful to hear their tales; and a LA, Crystal, and her gorgeous son Aoedon (oops, not sure if I spelt this correctly - sorry Crystal). We did not manage to leave the bus during the tour, but we had a tour guide on board and she gave some great info as we drove around downtown. I could not believe how busy it was there at that time of night - people everywhere. And I must mention again - I think the motorists in DC are crazy - I drove bus for 9 years and I sure would not have liked to have been our coach driver!!!


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