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Erin's LLLI Conference Blog

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm so excited! We check into the hotel in DC tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to meeting many of you that I've just "seen" online. If you see me at the Conference, please say Hello - look for me - I will be a loud and annoying person as I am selling drawing tickets on behalf of the alum, also looking for chocolate and bead swappers... so I am sure you will not miss me, lol!!!!

I am leaving this afternoon... see you all soon!



  • At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Beth said…

    Hi Erin!
    You're leaving about now for the conference, 11pm my time over here in England and 5pm your time.
    It'll be nice to hear what you're up to at the conference. You sound so excited and rightly so. I was at the LLLI Conference in San Francisco in 2003 and it was non-stop excitement and information overload. Cheers! Beth B. LLLL

  • At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Erin,

    Some years ago I received a scholarship too and was so thankful forit ! Enjoy the learning and the fun of the event !
    Love from Francine, from France

  • At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Heidi said…

    Have a great time, Erin. Since we are on a few LLL email lists together, I wish I could be there to meet you!

    I will be reading your blogs and living the conference experience through you - grin.


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