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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Conference tips...

a few great ones that I have gotten from my co-Leader and the email lists...

- they usually keep conference rooms in hotels cold. If they don't, the rooms get really stuffy and hot very quickly, with all those bodies, and everyone goes to sleep! They often mention in the conference info that the rooms can be chilly, bring sweaters, and they mean it!

- tip for your badge holder: each morning of the conference, place your tickets for the events/meals of the day in the holder. They are handy (no rummaging thorough a bag) and you don't have to have the entire lot of them with you every day.

- use address labels to fill in cards at vendor tables for more info or draws



  • At 12:40 PM, Blogger Sandee said…

    One tip I have learned the hardway is to not put your cell phone next to the room key/card. The battery of the cell phone will erase the magnetic strip. I keep my room key in the badge holder along with a $5 bill (you never know when you might need an emergency cookie or cold drink).



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